Case Study 2: China’s Largest Bioremediation Trial Project

Challenge: 200,000 tonnes of crude oil and oil sludge impacted soil located in an ecologically sensitive area
Client(s): Shengli Oilfield Jindao Environmental Technology
Location: Shengli Oilfield, China
Volume of trial: 4000tons
Duration: 20 months
Technology and Product: EcoPile™ and site-specific product
Results: <100ppm from initial 40,000ppm
Impact: Soil quality reach agriculture level in China

Services Provided: Soil pollutant analysis; microbial isolation screening and selection; inoculum design, testing and bioaugmentation; Ecopile design, consultancy during construction, inoculation and monitoring (moisture, nitrite, sulphate, ammonium, organic matter, BOD/COD, surface); phytocap selection, implementation and monitoring (biomass, root and shoot analysis, total viable counts), TPH and PAH reduction, GC-FID analysis and monitoring.

Result: TPH was removed to safe levels and all monitoring parameters measured returned to their optimal pre-contamination levels including soil pH and normal microbial populations. As the selected inoculum consisted of natural isolates and as TPH degraders reduced in consistence with as pollutant reduction this was the ideal treatment process in an environmentally sensitive area.